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How to Become a Published Book Writer in 2023: (6 Easiest Steps Guide)


Writing a captivating and entertaining story is only one phase of becoming an author. When you write something worth reading, you’d want to get it published, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately, the publishing stage can take a toll on most authors. Finding a literary agent, choosing the right publishing type for your book’s genre, and then marketing your content to ensure it reaches its target audience can all be a very overwhelming process. Worry not! This blog will help you learn how to get your writing published with a few simple steps. Happy Reading!

Benefits of Becoming a Published Writer

Becoming a published writer can offer you great benefits. It can help:

Increase Your Credibility:

Helps demonstrate your skills and knowledge on a particular subject or topic.

Increase Your Fan Base:

Getting published means you get to reach out to your target audience. It also means conducting read events and promotional activities, ultimately increasing your fan base.

Grow as a Brand:

All published authors must consider themselves a brand. Showcase your expertise and virtues to give your brand more character and personality.

More Opportunities:

A published author has the opportunity to guide people and spread awareness among them. It brings you more chances of speaking publicly and sharing your opinion with the world.

More Media Coverage:

Published writers get ample opportunities for extensive media coverage. High-quality content speaks for itself and might get you a chance to appear on news channels and magazines.

Develops Your Creativity:

Once you become a published author, you’ll have more chances to work with your favorite editors, researchers, and literary agents. Thus, it gives you more reasons to get creative.

5 Simple Steps to Getting Published As a Book Writers in 2023

1. Determine your Work Genre

What genre would best define your work? Fantasy? Fiction? Sci-fi? Romance? Horror? Thriller? Mystery? Or any other? Determining which category your book falls under can help you draft your book accordingly. Read other books from the same genre to gain insight into the kind of stories that publishers consider worth publishing.

2. Get Feedback before Contacting a Literary Agent 

If you’ve chosen traditional publishing over self-publishing, ensure to get feedback on your work before sending it over to a literary agent. Literary agents have to go through several manuscripts every day to determine which one would be accepted by a renowned publishing house. Therefore, ask your family and friends for help and let them read and criticize your work before you proceed with the publications. You can also join writing communities online to get a third-party perspective on your work. Getting appropriate feedback may increase your chances of getting approved by a traditional publishing company.

3. Do Your Research

Do your research when choosing between traditional and self-publishing. While traditional publishing guarantees exposure and connects authors to experienced editors, formatters, and marketers, self-publishing allows you to have all rights over your book. Self-publishing might seem costly but it is less time taking than traditional publishing. Authors who consider traditional publishing have to find a literary agent who can suggest their work to a reputable publishing company. Therefore, do your research to determine which publishing type would best meet your needs as an author.

4. Prepare to Submit Your Work

The next step involves preparing your work for submission. Send a copy to different literary agents or hire professional editors if you’re considering self-publishing. For traditional publishing, you’ll also have to send a query letter that states why your work is worth publishing. It’s like a proposal where you try to convince the literary agent to work with you.

If you wish to go the easy way or don’t have enough time to wait for a literary agent’s response, consider self-publishing. Hire editors to review your work and make the necessary changes before finally publishing it on Amazon or another online platform. You can also hire Gnome Book Writing services to handle the publications for you. We have expert editors, book cover designers, and a marketing team who can take your book publishing process up a notch at affordable rates.

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5. Find a Publisher

Once a literary agent approves your manuscript, the next step would be to find a reputable traditional publishing house. A literary agent may give you feedback to improve your story and add a few finishing touches to make it more appealing. Since trends in the publishing industry are ever-changing, it’s important to increase your chances of working with a trusted publishing company. Therefore, update your work as per the literary agent’s comments and present it to the publisher who takes interest in your work.

Your literary agent will also be responsible for discussing royalties, subsidiary rights, book advances, and negotiating contracts with a potential publishing company. It’s also advisable to meet with your literary agent regularly to review negotiations and discuss potential opportunities and have a good understanding of the contract before you sign them.

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6. Publish Your Book

After a publishing company has approved and accepted your manuscript, you can work with them to proceed with the publication. This step includes creating a marketing campaign, developing a book cover design, and reformatting your manuscript. Your publisher will have experienced resources like editors, formatters, book cover designers, and marketers who will handle these aspects for you. They may also sign you up for speaking or book signing events to boost sales.

On the other hand, authors who consider self-publishing must find experienced editors, formatters, book cover designers, publishers, and marketers themselves. Doing so can prove to be quite costly and time-taking. However, hiring expert book writing services for your manuscript can save self-published authors a lot of time, money, and energy. Thus, contact Gnome Book Writing services to become a self-published author without exceeding your budget!

5 Effective Tips to Get Your Writing Published Successfully

1. Adhere to a Writing Routine

Allot a specific time to write every day throughout the week. Block off unwanted distractions and ensure you get enough time to focus on producing quality content. Set a goal for the number of words and chapters you have to complete by the end of every day. Adhering to a writing routine will keep you from falling behind on your deadline.

2. Connect with Other Authors

Connect with other authors, writers, and agents at conferences or online to develop good relations in the book industry. Get feedback from your mentors to strengthen your writing skills and identify the popular trends for every genre. This can help you connect to a good publishing house that might be willing to publish your work.

3. Implement the Criticism

As mentioned earlier, getting feedback from other writers, authors, and literary agents can help you develop expert writing skills. However, while getting feedback is an important tip to becoming a published author, it’s also essential that you take criticism positively and implement the feedback. Determine what edits would make your work more appealing and engaging. Gather new ideas and strengthen your writing style to make it more professional.

4. Have Patience

If you’ve considered traditionally publishing your book, you must have what it takes to endure the process, i.e., patience. Traditional publishing can take a lot of time. Finding a literary agent, waiting for them to accept your manuscript, and then waiting some more to find a publishing house and a bit more until they accept your work can be quite a hassle. What’s more, is that their approval is never guaranteed. You might end up waiting for a year or so. Therefore, authors must be patient throughout the process of traditional publishing.

If waiting isn’t an option, opt for self-publishing. Self-publishing is quick and efficient. However, it can take some time for the audience to recognize your work.

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5. Consider Self-Publishing

 Traditional publishing is a great option, but it can be time-taking and costly. Most authors start feeling insecure about their skills after not being accepted by any literary agent or publishing company. In this context, self-publishing seems like a more convenient solution. It’s quick, efficient, and makes you entirely in control of your work. Self-publishing also allows authors to have complete rights over their content. You can distribute, sell, market, and use excerpts from your book anywhere you like without waiting for approval from the publishing house.


We’re sure this blog would have helped you learn how to be a published author. If you wish to expedite the self-publishing process without exceeding your budget, contact Gnome Book Writing Services today. We have expert writers, editors, cover designers, and marketers, who will ensure your content reaches the right target audience and makes huge sales worldwide. Reach out to us now for more information on our services.