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How to Check a Publisher Of a Book? A Short Guide (2024)


Every book comprises a page that tells when and where a book was published. The book’s publishing history usually follows its title page. Nevertheless, some books have their publishing information at the end. If you want to learn where to find the place of publication in a book, continue reading this blog!

Here’s How You Can Check a Book’s Publication Information

Step #1:

Open the book and turn over the title page.

Step #2:

Look for headings like “Publication History” or “Publishing Information.” If you can’t find such headings, look at the copyright date.

Step #3:

After finding the copyright date or the heading, “Publishing History,” look at the information enlisted below.

  • Here, you will find the publishing house’s name and address. Publishing history also contains details like where the book’s previous editions were published.
  • Please note that you might have to turn over 6 to 10 pages in a paperback book to locate the publishing details.
  • Usually, the first few pages consist of short reviews for the book from different authors, publishing companies, and media channels. Regardless of the number of pages that show these reviews, the publishing history page will eventually follow the title page.
  • Books without a proper title page will also lack a publishing history page.
  • If you ever come across such a book, know that it has either been produced illegally or stolen. It is recommended that you avoid purchasing such books as the author won’t receive any monetary compensation from them, which won’t be fair to them.


A book takes a lot of time and effort from the author. Therefore, it’s fair they receive their well-deserved profits on every sale. Unfortunately, books do get stolen or copied illegally. Therefore, readers need to look up the publishing history page to ensure the author gets monetary compensation.


Q. What is the publishing date of a book?

The publishing date of a book is when the book was first published. It may also be the day when the retail consumer purchased it or when it was distributed. 

Q. How do you find out when a specific book was printed?

When u buy an old book from a garage sale or a flea market, you might think about its publishing year. Older books are worth a lot of money. However, you must not rush into the buying process and determine its publication year to ensure it was published legally. Thus, open the book and look at the title page or the page that follows it. The printing date usually exists after the title page or at the bottom of the page after it.

Q. How do I know what year a book was written?

Flip over to the second or third page of your book. You will find the copyright year. The latest year would be the publishing date of that particular book.

You can also locate the ISBN when searching for that book online. Google’s bookstore should bring up the publication year for that book.