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Are you struggling to put words into your ideas? Not sure what to do about the story dwindling in your mind? We Are A Highly Sought After Professional Book Writing Company Based in USA, helping more and more aspiring authors get closer to achieving their dreams of authorship. It is easy to fall trap into the hustle and bustle of the mundane and forget about writing and publishing your big ideas and stories. But we’ve got you covered, all thanks to the highly professional team of book writers in our house!


Over The Years, Gnome Book Writing Has Established Itself To Be A Very Reputable And Reliable Firm, Offering top-notch Book Writers. We have catered to a diverse clientele from across the world, helping them live their dream of becoming a renowned author. We can do the same for you! Whether you wish to inspire the world with your life story or want us to create an epic fiction novel based on your ideas, you can count on us for one-of-a-kind book writing services. So watch your ideas come to life as a well-written book gets published under your name. Contact us today and our agent will get back to you shortly.

The Most In Demand Book Writing Services In The Business

For over a decade, Gnome Book Writing has enjoyed a steady reputation as book writers for hire. We have helped thousands of authors enjoy success with successful titles to their names. Some of the bestsellers surfing on notable literary platforms are produced by our writing teams.
Want to know what makes us different from other book writing companies? The following skills and qualities of our writers are what separate us from other businesses offering similar services:

  • Extensive guidelines and planning
  • Thorough research before producing content
  • Creating an initial outline
  • An in-depth conversation with clients about their book
  • Editing, proofreading, and refining the produced content
  • 100% original and unique content production
  • Professional book writers and editors

Our Value-Driven Process

Gnome Book Writing utilizes high-end tools and software to ensure our 5-step value-driven process is conducted professionally and effortlessly.


Our agent will reach out to you shortly after you submit your order details. This is the initial stage, where we learn about your concept, plot, and everything else there is to know about the book. Then, our team evaluates your ideas and assigns the most suitable writer for them. The writer immediately begins to work on your idea, producing a compelling outline to go about for your book.


After you have approved the book’s outline, our writers will proceed with the book writing process almost immediately. We’ll create the first draft of chapter 1 based on that outline and send it to you for feedback and approval. If you think something needs to change, our experts will look into it and revise the file accordingly. If not, our writer will continue with the second chapter, and so on.


Once the book is complete, our editors will proofread and edit it to ensure the content is clean, crisp, and free from grammatical and punctuation errors. This stage also includes examining the plot, structure, and flow thoroughly, such as not to put off a potential reader. We will send you the final version of the manuscript and incorporate the final edits suggested by you if any.


Formatting is an essential part of our process. It includes correcting the font size, margins, heading styles, tables, graphs, etc., to make the book visually appealing and easy to read. This is also the stage where we include illustrations if any, and design an exotic book cover for your manuscript to make the readers want to buy a copy. All in all, we value your feedback and make amends throughout the project to stay in the right direction.


Your book is ready for the world to see! Once we finalize the formatting, experts at Gnome Book Writing will print and publish your book online and in stores. Not only that, but we can also market and promote your book so a maximum number of people will get to know about it. Gnome Book Writing has helped several individuals accomplish their dream of becoming a renowned authors and will do the same for you!


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Kristi Hall
4 months ago

I spent a year working on my manuscript and gave myself two years, but I realized…why wait? I got in touch with Gnome Book Writing and professional book writers there turned things around for me. I’ve enjoyed great success on by third book with Gnome. Highly recommended for people with great ideas who just can’t sit thru hours in front of their computer.

John E. McHenry
6 months ago

My manuscript was ready and sitting on my table for the past two years… it was until I stumbled on Gnome. These guys helped me become an author and I am simply enjoying the run.

Willow Richardson
9 months ago

I spent 10 years in the tech space and had a few not-so-great ideas to share with the world. Fortunately, I hired guys at Gnome who produced an outstanding book for me in the space of six months.

Clementina Schuster
11 months ago

I wanted a several short story books for my children and nieces with a few drawings. I wanted to keep things simple and make it an enjoyable read for the children. After several measly attempts, I finally got in touch with Gnome Book Writing. Now the kids get to enjoy their favorite books!

Malcolm Fleming
5 months ago

I suffered thru a writers block for the past ten months. My manuscript didn’t seem to go anywhere. Eventually I resorted to pro writing services by gnome book writing and it just worked for me!

Max Carter
7 months ago

Sheldon Benjamin possesses the rarified attribute of having passion for his job. He is dedicated and committed. I felt that he truly cared my book, published by Gnome Book Writing. Attending to every detail, his energy and professionalism made the publishing of the book a pleasure.

Meet The Team Swinging Magic

Take a look at our geeky, dedicated book writers, designers, and other team members who have a knack for taking things a notch up

Emily Day Sr. Book Editor

Mae HollandFormatting & Editing Specialist

Christian MurraySr. Publishing & Marketing Manager

Forrest MorganSr. Concept Artist

Misty QuinnCreative Director



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GhostWriting Services

No Easy Feat Writing Your Dream Book. Hence, We Have on Our Roster the Best Writers This Industry Has to Offer. So, Why Wait Start Your Journey Today.

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Book Editing & Proofreading

Your Masterpiece is Incomplete Without Thorough Editing & Proofreading. However, Fret Not & Leave It to Us. We’ve Got You Covered.

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Book Cover Design

We Believe a Book’s Cover Is Equally Important As Your Masterpiece Hence, We Have the Most Efficient Team Of Designers to Bring Your Vision to Life.

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Book Publishing

Finding the Right Publisher is Imperative To the Success Of Your Masterpiece. Thus, We Have Partnered With the Best in The Business.

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Book Marketing

Ensuring Your Book Reaches The Right Audience Is One of The Most Important Aspects & We Believe in Smart Marketing, so, You’re in Apt Hands.

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Biography Writing

You’re Life’s Journey is Important to Us. Just As Crucial as It Is to You. So, Trust Us to Do Your Story Justice.

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eBook Writing

Instructional, historical, commentary based writing on specific topics.

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eBook Cover Design

Instructional, historical, commentary based writing on specific topics.

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Detailed accounts of events and stories from your perspective.


Our Award-winning book writers has the versatility you require because they come from a wide range of academic disciplines, including business, the arts, the sciences, technology, advertising, communications, the social sciences, and engineering. Thanks to our talented staff's wide range of backgrounds, we're able to meet the technical and business writing needs of our clients across a wide spectrum of fields. If you have any lingering doubts, our book writers for hire are ready to listen to your creative ideas and turn them into excellently written content. We remain dedicated to producing content that meets your commercial goals and generates revenue at all times.

We Have a Thing For Doing Things Differently

Creativity Passion Strategy


Our book writers do their homework and conduct thorough research and interviews before starting with your book writing project. This helps us learn about your background and history and acquire your tone and voice in the book.


After the first stage, our team works to draft your book’s outline. We plan every chapter based on the information you provided us and send you the complete outline of the book for approval.


Throughout the project’s completion, our customer support team will stay in touch with you to not deviate from the right direction.


Don’t like a sentence, paragraph, or chapter from your manuscript? Worry not! Gnome Book Writing offers unlimited revisions to ensure you get exactly what you want! Our team guarantees client satisfaction at all costs!


Once all the chapters are complete, our team of expert editors will take over and conduct extensive editing to ensure there are no grammatical errors or poor sentence structures in the book.


Before the book is published, our design team will create an exotic book cover design for you to ensure your book attracts maximum readers online and in bookstores.

Your Pressing Questions? All Answered!

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions you might have about our ghostwriting service:

Gnome Book Writing specializes in an array of categories, from fiction, non-fiction, biographies, informative, illustrative, to children’s books, novellas and other. We have tapped into every genre of fiction that there is.

You do not essentially require a manuscript. However, certain authors prefer to have a manuscript which allows our team to have a scope of what you are looking into.

We offer quite affordable ghostwriting services, essentially costing around $3000-5000 per project.

It takes up to six to ten weeks before we can complete a fully written, edited, and formatted book.

Our support representatives are available round the clock to assist you with any query related to the writing process.

Guarantees do not associate with the nature of our service, essentially. Our teams take the best measures to ensure the most impeccable writing services for your project.

Our policies do employ refund policies applicable under certain circumstances which will be stated in terms of agreements.

Yes, you can. Once a project is successfully delivered, the client has complete autonomy and rights.
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