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Now Every Californian Kid Will Receive Free Books; Dolly Parton’s Struggles Brought Results


Due to her efforts, a new law was passed recently to provide free famous books to millions of kids under the age of 5 years in California.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed this bill, SB 1183. This law will provide funding for the singer’s “Imagination Library.” Parents just have to register their child for the online program, and the kid will receive a book every month from birth to the 5th birthday.

The bill received bipartisan support and recognition in both houses. The said bill aims to encourage the love for reading and learning among preschool kids at an early age.

After its commencement in June 2023, the program will mail the books directly to the kid’s houses, and the government will cover all the costs. So, if you have a kid below 5 or expecting a child, get registered in the program today!

The program also covers bilingual options in California, which makes it the first of its kind. Moreover, this program will cover all 58 counties in California, having at least 2.4 eligible children to participate.

The Imagination Library program by Dolly Parton was founded in 1995 in Tennessee, her childhood hometown. The cause has donated over 186 million books since its inception, expanding over 14 states and 5 countries.

According to Sen. Shannon Grove, co-author of the bill, this bill starts a magnificent program and will put books in the hands of every kid in the state, creating endless opportunities for their future.

Another Senator, Toni Atkins (the bill’s co-author), shares his personal experience and says, “My parents taught me that books were my ticket to see the world.”

Verily, books open a door of endless opportunities for kids, enhancing their vision. Explore Gnome Book Writing today!