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Professional Book Editing Services That Can Turn Your Ideas into a Bestselling Book

We are an affordable book editing service trusted by some of the most successful authors in the writing industry.

Gnome Book Writing comprises a group of skilled editors who have immense knowledge about academic journals, biographies, fiction, non-fiction, and memoirs. Many of us are professionals who have worked with bestselling authors and a few renowned publication houses.

At Gnome Book Writing, our editors have an academic degree in Journalism, literature, education, communication, or English. We also know industry-specific writing styles like Harvard, Chicago, MLA, APA, etc.

We basically remove repetitive content, trim sentences, fix grammar, catch typos and minor errors, and proofread to flag larger issues. Our team works around the clock to ensure your book is clean, crisp, and shiny before its publication. You can expect back your edited book within 10-15 business days.

How Gnome Book Writing Edits Manuscripts?

It begins with our clients choosing the right type of editing service for their manuscript, journal, or research paper. You fill us in on the details and our agent will assign a suitable editor for your project.

Our editing team will thoroughly read and edit your book to make it captivating and worth publishing. You will receive the manuscript within 10-15 working days.

Our Book Editing Services

Our book editors have years’ worth of experience in the literary industry
and can help you publish a bestseller, turning your dream into a profound reality.


Developmental editing refers to reviewing your manuscript and assessing the content that needs more value and precision. Our book editing service modifies content, arranges text and tables, adds more content where necessary, and cut down paragraphs that affect content quality.

When do you need developmental editing?

You need developmental editing to improve the following:

  • Structure and Organization
  • Exposition
  • Voice
  • Writing technique
  • Pacing and flow

You will eventually receive a report from our expert depicting the areas in your book that need developmental editing. We will each chapter and send it to you for approval and feedback. Once, approved the book is edited further in the same direction.

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Line editing

We are one of the finest book editing companies that offer premium quality line editing. Line editing focuses on the creative elements of your story, such as the language, writing style, etc. Our line editors have the right skills and knowledge to catch simple grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes. During line editing, our editors focus on correcting:

  • Unnecessary shifts in tone
  • Information redundancies
  • Run-on sentences
  • Inconsistent paragraphing
  • Pacing issues
  • Overall communication

Line editing is thus an improvement opportunity for your manuscript. Contact our online book editing team now to enhance your book and correct awkward writing constructions efficiently.

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Structural Editing

Did you know that a lack of proper structure in a manuscript can turn off your potential readers? Improper formatting, lack of flow, inconsistent tables and graphs, poor images, etc., are all a part of structural issues that Gnome Book Writers guarantee correcting.

Our book editing company resolves the following issues when conducting complex structural editing for your book:

  • Margins
  • Line spacing
  • Paragraph spacing
  • Image quality
  • Inconsistently in tables and graphs
  • Stuffed paragraphs

Hand us over your manuscripts today and get a chance to make your book more readable and easy to understand.

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Copy Editing

Copy editing refers to editing the technicalities of your manuscript. It guarantees writers that their books will be published under the industry-set standards. Our copy editors are always on the lookout for:

  • Missing words
  • Typos
  • Plot issues
  • Character inconsistencies
  • Writing style inconstancy
  • Inaccurate and vague statements
  • Any mistakes that writers might have overlooked

Above all, Gnome Book Writing ensures a consistent writing style in your book. We would look at every word, punctuation mark, letter, and line during copyediting.

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Editorial Assessment

An editorial assessment refers to seeking a detailed report on your entire book and knowing the intensity of the edits required for it. This usually helps writers in the early phases of book writing and lets them know what fundamental issues their content has.

Our book editors offer expert editorial assessment, giving authors in-depth feedback on their structural, plot, grammatical, and formatting errors. Get an editorial assessment report for an overview of your:

  • Writing style
  • Consistency
  • Characterization
  • Structure
  • Plot

An editorial assessment takes 10 to 15 business days. Once you get an editorial assessment for your book, you will have a better idea of which editing type to consider for your book.

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An Insight into Our
Book Editing Process

The professional book editing process takes time. At Gnome Book Writing,
our experts examine your content thoroughly to make it engaging and interesting.


The editing process begins when you contact us for a book editing consultation. Tell us about your project in this phase.

Book review

Your book will be assigned to an expert editor for review and reports. They will highlight areas that need more refinement.


Our professional book editing services will scan your document for grammatical mistakes, typos, structure issues, and plot holes.

Detailed fact-checking

Our team will fact-check everything you have written to ensure nothing is out of context or depicting false information.


Our proofreaders will continue to proofread your book and ensure there are no missing words or awkward phrasing.


Our formatters add consistency throughout your manuscript. This includes correcting tables, line spacing, graphical content, etc.

Book Publishing

Once your book is approved and ready for publication, our team will have the finest publishing house publish your manuscript.


Gnome Book Writing takes pride in marketing your work after its publication. We use social media platforms, Amazon, and website videos to attract your target audience.

Our Benchmark Across All Categories

Here’s a rundown of specialized book writing services we offer.

Why Choose Us?

Exceptional Digital Marketing

Our team specializes in exceptional digital marketing strategies to ensure your book reaches your target audience and makes great sales online and in bookstores.

A Proactive Approach

Gnome Book Writing caters to editing various book genres to help you meet your publishing needs.

Worldwide Recognition

Our book editors are some of the best ones in the book industry. We have the right resources and tools to ensure your content gets worldwide recognition.


Many scammers take up hefty amounts upfront, only to make poor additions and subtractions to your content. At Gnome Book Writing, we provide book editing at affordable prices and take responsibility for the work we do and ensure work efficiency each time.

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Our clients have enjoyed success with books written by our professional book writers.

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I spent a year working on my manuscript and gave myself two years, but I realized…why wait? I got in touch with Gnome Book Writing and professional book writers there turned things around for me. I’ve enjoyed great success on by third book with Gnome. Highly recommended for people with great ideas who just can’t sit thru hours in front of their computer.

Kristi Hall

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My manuscript was ready and sitting on my table for the past two years… it was until I stumbled on Gnome. These guys helped me become an author and I am simply enjoying the run.

John E. McHenry

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I spent 10 years in the tech space and had a few not-so-great ideas to share with the world. Fortunately, I hired guys at Gnome who produced an outstanding book for me in the space of six months

Willow Richardson

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I wanted a several short story books for my children and nieces with a few drawings. I wanted to keep things simple and make it an enjoyable read for the children. After several measly attempts, I finally got in touch with Gnome Book Writing. Now the kids get to enjoy their favorite books!

Clementina Schuster

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I suffered thru a writers block for the past ten months. My manuscript didn’t seem to go anywhere. Eventually I resorted to pro writing services by gnome book writing and it just worked for me!

Malcolm Fleming


Here’s a list of frequently asked questions you might have about our book writing service

We offer all kinds of book editing, such as line editing, developmental editing, formatting, proofreading, copyediting, etc.

Congratulations on successfully completing your book. However, the job isn’t done yet. Hire our book editing services for a complete editorial assessment.

Book editing prices vary depending on the genre, number of pages, quality of writing, etc.

Looking for affordable book editing services online? Look no further than Gnome Book Writing.

Yes. You can count on our book editors to review and edit your book thoroughly.

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