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Good Bad Girl by Alice Feeney - Everything You Need to Know About This Upcoming Book


If you flip through a mystery novel, what do you expect? An interesting and exciting murder tale keeps you pondering who the culprit is, how to define the mystery, analyze the situation, and use logical reasoning to find the truth. The best mystery books provide the clues that build curiosity and suspense in the readers, enabling them to develop a detective mind. As you begin reading a crime novel, you feel more excited to solve the complex thrilling mystery. From true crime book writing to classic detective fiction, historical fiction, and contemporary psychological thrillers, you can opt to search for thrilling and adventurous novels that arouse suspense and thrill in readers from start to finish.

 Alice Feeney, a mystery fiction writer has returned with another thrilling mystery that is filled with dramatic suspense, thrill, adventure, and surprises. Good Bad Girl, a fast-paced novel with powerful psychological insights is penned by New York Times bestselling author, Alice Feeney. The puzzling story about mother/daughter story with an unexpected twist keeps readers perplexed. As they escape into a world of adventure, they get involved with crime puzzles to discover the truth.

The story begins by describing an unusual event that happened on Mother’s Day twenty years ago. A six-month-old baby girl was stolen from a stroller from the busy supermarket. On the same day, another distressing event occurred. A woman was abducted in a care home. The two crimes were somehow interlinked. Frankie always thought of herself as a good and bad girl and was obsessed with the mission of discovering the truth.

The story comprises four characters, Frankie, Patience, Edith, and Clio. The chapters are narrated by each character. It adds the element of suspense and adventure writing and offers us insight into their lives. While unfolding the mystery, the characters build a connection with the sequence of events happening throughout the story. Reading the exciting chapters will help you know about the characters who are they and how their stories get connected. The initial chapters expound their roles in the story writing. Frankie works at a prison and appears to be on a strange mission, and her daughter gets involved in vicious planning to escape. The story portrays that she recently ran away from home. Patience, a teenager works at a care home taking care of Edith. Edith suspects that her daughter Clio wants to get rid of her. Therefore she went to live at an old people's home. Clio worked as a therapist and ran her psychology practice from home.

Suspenseful Fast-Moving Plot

The main plot of the murder links up to the cold case of searching for the missing baby. The contemporary setting of the story is London, and the characters keep unexpectedly moving between the care home, the Thames waterways, the prison, a beautiful pink house, the Covent Garden gallery, and the hospital. The thrilling events keep the plot twist; every time the readers are introduced to a new point of view regarding the ongoing mystery and secrets. Alice Feeney cleverly weaves the plots together as she keeps all the characters interlinked. Each chapter provides crucial information about the mystery. Moreover, short captivating chapters keep up the balance between dark themes with light moments.  For instance, some characters are quite miserable, carrying secrets, guilt, and shame that trouble them throughout their lives. Then some characters were seeking self-discovery to move on and heal from the mistakes of their past.

The book is thrilling; the carefully incorporating significant elements including the settings of the story's events and themes and other puzzling scenes keep readers engrossed. Having the clues, information, and complicated events lets readers guess about the mystery. An effective flow of events ultimately wrapped up the mystery. Various courses of events help Edith to solve the mystery. Along with three suspects, two murders, and one victim, she ultimately disclosed the mystery of a murder and kidnapping. Good Bad Girl is an interesting thriller that constantly narrates the statement: “Sometimes bad things happen to good people, so good people have to do bad things.”

Available Platforms to Buy the Novel

The mystery and thriller fiction, Good Bad Girl is easily accessible through various platforms. Fiction lovers can find the book in hardcover, paperback, and audiobook editions on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Hudson Booksellers, and Target. Moreover, Kindle Edition is also available. Readers can also view the book on Goodreads or download the free Kindle app and read the e-book version using their smartphone, tablet, or computer. If they desire to purchase the hardcover, they can buy the book through Amazon KDP. The Hardcover comprises‎ 320 pages and is expected to be released by (August 29, 2023).

Publisher’s Description

Good Bad Girl, a thriller fiction, and psychological thriller will be published by Flatiron Books. It was established by Macmillan in 2014. To present, Flatiron Books has come up with minimum publications.  The books written by New York Times bestseller authors comprising different genres have been published by Flatiron.

The book, Good Bad Girl is expected to get released by the end of August 2023 by Flatiron. The book deals with psychological suspense, mother-daughter relationship, and the mysterious events of abduction, and murder keep readers engaged within the story. The rising events, actions, and shifting perspectives keep the plot moving. The story begins with a baby girl snatched from a supermarket 20 years back. The past mystery is connected to a present incident of the kidnapping of Edith an 80-year-old living in a care home. The old woman was tricked by the daughter into leaving the home and start living in an old home. Her only friend is Patience, an 18-year-old care worker. Frankie Fletcher who works as a librarian in a prison another important character of the novel. Edith’s daughter Clio visited her mother on Mother’s Day; however, she had a horrifying relationship with her mother. The exciting chapters demonstrate that all these people have a strong connection with the unexplained mystery. In the end, the thriller detective discloses the shocking secret.

About The Authors

A New York Times million-copy bestselling author, Alice Feeney New York Times bestselling has come up with the best mystery and thriller fiction.  The book publishing services are translated into over thirty-five languages. Furthermore, exciting fiction filled with thrill and suspense has been used for major screen adaptations.  Her book, Rock Paper Scissors was made into a TV series. Good Bad Girl is her upcoming sixth novel. For fifteen years, Alice worked as a BBC journalist. At present, she lives in Devon with her family.


The readers who are searching for psychological thriller books, Good Bad Girl comes up as the best option for reading. The crafty thriller Good Bad Girl touches readers’ hearts and minds. The book includes many characters who come up with their individual stories and lies. Each chapter was narrated by four characters that demonstrate their connection with the unresolved mystery. The book is her darkest novel as she explores the good/bad characters by understanding the complex relationship between mother and daughter.

Moreover, she deals with other issues including mental health issues and postpartum depression. Alice Feeney's extremely thought-provoking and intuitively observed reasoning helped readers to guess and discover the mystery. A deep, dark mystery filled with suspenseful events and clues, and the author’s powerful psychological insights make it the best read for psychological thrillers. The short chapters entice readers till the last moment; their minds are triggered to keep reading and discover who is telling the truth and what will happen in the end. A complicatedly woven mystery along with a thrilling plot also helps readers to know the troubles and miseries of mothers and daughters who have complicated relationships. The sensational story will encourage readers to reflect on their experiences of motherhood.