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Children’s Books Writing Ideas for 2024- Writing Books for Toddlers and Tweens


Ironically, writing a children’s book is not as easy as ABC. It may seem less challenging than drafting novels and creating inspirational journals for adults, but if you ask a children’s book author, they would tell you how much endeavor it actually takes to impress those little humans!

In this article, we will tell you how to write a children’s book with some attractive ideas and prompts for children’s books to get you started on your journey.

How to Select a Great Children’s Book Idea

Firstly, you need to understand that writing a children’s book is not just about inserting as many pictures as possible and writing fewer words to catch their interest. If that was the case, then anyone could have been a children’s author, right? You need to narrow it down to what type of book and for what age group you want to write for. Efficiently understanding the importance of children safeguarding in some category is important, as it enables you to distinguish yourself from others and ultimately thrive as a successful children's author.

Types of Children’s Books (Based on Age Ranges)

It is always better to have a particular age range in mind when drafting a book for children. Modern psychology infers that the early growing stage of children is extremely critical because that is when these kids are observing and absorbing the most, which in turn becomes a part of their life. So, you need to be careful and focused when writing content for children, the sort of content that will also intrigue them.

Following is a list of the most common types of children’s books with age ranges to help you determine some promising ideas for kids’ books.

1. Board Book

Such books are bigger in size, having a hard back cover and they consist of mostly pictures with minimal words as they are targeted towards kids of ages 0 to 3.

2. Picture Book

These books may have a moderate to big size, usually consisting of 200 to 400 words and pictures on every page. They are targeted towards kids of ages 2 to 5 who are at an early stage of learning.

3. Chapter Book

Such books are of normal in size, having a paper back cover and they consist of 3,000 to 10,000 words with pictures on most pages. They are targeted towards kids of ages 6 to 10.

4. Middle-Grade Book

These are the books that are written for tweens (ages 8 to 12) consisting of 30,000 to 45,000 words with limited pictures, because at this stage the kids need to enhance their language skills.

Types of Children’s Books (Based on Theme)

Now if you are wondering what type of book would best fit your chosen theme and idea, here is a list of a few types of children’s books that are the most common among the best sellers.

  • ABC Books
  • Dinosaur Books
  • Bedtime Story Books
  • Food Books
  • Imagination Books
  • Early Reader Books
  • Sibling Books

It is not at all necessary to stick to these types only, there can always be a mix and match or you can produce something completely different as well!

Popular Topics for Children’s Books

Although you are not writing a novel, but a children’s book is still a story book! Hence, setting up a theme and coming up with good children’s book writing ideas is the first step. This will help you determine the plot, characters and moral of the story.

In a world where apathy and crimes are increasing, some social values need to be embedded into kids’ brains from an early age. They should also be able to discover their habits and explore humanity, the most efficient way of doing so is to take them to a place and introduce them to the characters that intrigues them. Mentioned below are some of the most popular topics and themes that you can write on.

  • Social Values
  • Friendship
  • Empathy
  • Family
  • Social Issues
  • Teamwork
  • Sharing
  • Holidays
  • Self-discovery & Learning
  • Anger
  • Courage
  • Suffering
  • Big Changes
  • Acceptance
  • Growing Up
  • Places
  • School
  • Farm
  • Ocean
  • Jungle
  • Forest
  • Neighborhood
  • Backyard
  • Park
  • Mountain
  • Beach

Creative Prompts/Ideas for Children’s Book

Still looking for ideas and inspiration for a children’s book? Do not worry, we have put together a list of 15 compelling prompts to get you started.

  • A kid goes to a magical adventure with his teddy bear in his dream, does not want to wake up but realizes that he can always come back.
  • A dinosaur is bullied because he looks different, he is redeemed by a new loyal best friend that teaches him self-confidence.
  • A child wants to be a super hero and tries to live his dream by helping strangers with the smallest of tasks, realizes that one does not need to fly to become a super hero.
  • Two cat siblings argue and fight a lot but instantly miss each other when one goes away on a trip, they learn the value of family.
  • A neighbor is constantly picked on because of his race, a kid despises of this and tries to spread awareness and comfort the neighbor.
  • Some kids do not want to work together in a science project, end up doing terribly and wasting time, get back together and win the competition, realize the importance of teamwork.
  • A kid does not want to share his belongings with his orphaned cousin, ending up feeling bad and growing close to him, learns the value of sharing.
  • A bratty girl wants the biggest tree on Christmas day, makes things worse for everyone, learns the lesson and main purpose of celebrating Christmas.
  • A little bear gets very angry with everyone over tiny things, his father teaches him a lesson with the help of a real-life experiment.
  • A shy girl refrains herself from participating in any competitions as she doubts herself, with the help of a kind teacher, she is able to overcome her shyness.
  • A rich spoiled boy wants to celebrate his birthday in the most extravagant way possible, big brother takes him on a trip to see all the poor kids in the neighborhood to teach him the value of life and blessings, and how to be grateful.
  • Little boy loses eyesight in a terrible accident, becomes incredibly upset and isolates himself, eventually learns to live life in a new and wholesome way by accepting himself.
  • A children’s brief and storyline themed guide on puberty.
  • A proud and arrogant king learns a lesson when the people of his kingdom decide to collaborate and remind him of his duties.
  • A group of friends work together to help the police in solving a crime and catch the robber with their own individual skills.

Analyzing Your Children’s Book Idea: What is the next step?

There are several ways to ensure your children’s book idea is in line with the market. One way involves cruising Amazon, researching books similar to your idea. By doing this, you can gather relevant data on book covers, illustration styles, and which categories will be the best. Unfortunately, this can take hours. This is what book writing companies are for! Hiring a book writer saves children’s book author’s time and energy by doing the heavy lifting. They can write high-quality and unique content based on your idea and work on your behalf to get your book published.

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Children’s Book Writing Ideas: Conclusion

The strategies and ideas discussed in this article are surely going to help you in authoring a children’s book. Whether you are writing a picture book teaching kids about everyday objects, or a middle-grade book enhancing their imaginative ang language skills, a pinch of creativity mixed with a little research can take you places.