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In a digital world, selling a book that exists only in hard copy may seem counterintuitive. However, at Gnome Book Writing, we offer a solution: our team of experts can either transform your existing book into captivating audio pieces or create entirely new content from scratch.

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Best audiobook services That Ensure Quality and Expand Reach.

Best audiobook services That Ensure Quality and Expand Reach. With our fast-paced lifestyles, finding time to read a book has become increasingly challenging. This is why the popularity of audiobooks has skyrocketed in recent years. Listening to audiobooks has many benefits. Firstly, you can listen to them while performing other activities, such as driving, cooking, or cleaning. Secondly, you can easily absorb the knowledge and ideas being presented while on the go.

As a result of this trend, the demand for audiobook services has increased. Additionally, the growing popularity of tablets, smartphones, and e-readers has had a significant impact on the audiobook market, with more and more authors looking to turn their written work into audiobooks.

If you are in search of an audio publisher, we offer exceptional services that can help you reach a broader audience. We have the expertise to convert your written work into an audiobook, making it accessible to those who prefer to listen to books rather than read them.

Explore our wide range of audiobook services

Review our range of the best audiobook service to know which one would best work out for you:

Action & Adventure

We can transform your action and adventure-based novel into a compelling audiobook. This genre typically involves fast-paced, exciting stories that feature a protagonist in a thrilling quest or adventure. Examples of popular action and adventure audiobooks include spy novels, survival stories, and superhero tales. If you have written such a plot and want to convert it to an audiobook to expand your reach as an author, we are your answer!

We can help you depict:

  • Real-life action-packed incidents
  • Adventurous storylines
  • Engaging dialogues to keep your listeners hooked
  • The right tone

Therefore, if you're looking to captivate your listeners with an exciting adventure, our action and adventure audiobooks will take them on a thrilling journey.

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Children & Teens

This genre includes audiobooks targeted toward children and young adults. These audiobooks may include classic children's literature, fantasy, science fiction, and adventure stories. We might use a different narration style for this genre as the target audience is different from the adults.

  • Children based audiobooks
  • Young adult fiction
  • Romance novels
  • Motivational book
  • Moral-based audiobooks.

If you’re looking for the best audiobook company in the USA, look no further than Gnome Book Writing Our experts have years of experience in creating audiobooks for children and teens and can do the same for you!

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This genre involves stories that are meant to be performed as plays, with characters, dialogues, and stage directions. Our drama audiobooks may include theatrical productions, radio plays, or adaptations of stage plays. We may include dialogue, narration, and sound effects to create an immersive listening experience.

  • Multiple voice actors
  • Single narration
  • Plays
  • Prose

Therefore, our drama audiobooks will keep your listeners on the edge of their seats with gripping plots and intense emotional moments.

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If you're a mystery writer, our audiobooks will keep your listeners guessing until the very end with their twists and turns. This genre involves stories that revolve around a puzzling crime, investigation and the discovery of the culprit. Mystery audiobooks may include detective stories, crime thrillers, and espionage tales

  • Captivating audiobooks
  • Unique storylines
  • Entirely new content
  • Adaptation of your mystery novel

Contact Gnome Book Writing services if you wish to transform your mystery novel into an audiobook so your listeners can enjoy it anytime during the day, whether they are on their way to school or the office.

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For those who love a good romance, our audiobooks will sweep them off their feet with compelling and heartwarming love stories.

  • Stories of love, passion, and relationships
  • Classic love stories
  • Historical romances
  • Contemporary love stories
  • Fantasy Romance

With our romance audiobook Service, you can ensure that your written work is expertly transformed into an engaging and high-quality audiobook. Our team of experienced narrators and producers will work with you to create a truly exceptional romance audiobook that your listeners will love. So, if you're an author looking to reach a wider audience, consider Gnome Book Writing's Audiobook Service and bring your story to life in a whole new way.

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Gnome’s Audiobook Process

Gnome Book Writing's audiobook process comprises 8 simple steps


You call us for consultation and we decide the best audiobook service that will meet your authorship needs.

Order Details

We note down your order details and gather information to begin our audiobook creation process.

Script Homework

We move on to the script preparation stage for your book. During this step, we pay special attention to the dialect, pronunciation, and place names mentioned in your book.

Text variation

Our team can improve the quality of your text by making it more engaging, ultimately leading to an improved listening experience for your audience.


Our team works with talented voice-over artists who are dedicated to bringing your book to life. We carefully select a voice actor whose tone and style align with the needs of your specific project

Sound direction Master

Our team of disciplined sound artists ensures that your projects have both professional and heartwarming sound quality.

Editing & Publishing

After the recording, our sound engineers work on it to refine and purify the audio by removing any unwanted noise or distortion.


Our proofreaders will listen to the dialogues, as this is crucial for capturing the authentic essence of your message. Your audience deserves a delightful experience from the beginning to the end.

Our Benchmark Across All Categories

Here’s a rundown of specialized book writing services we offer.

Why Choose Us?


Gnome Book Writing offers affordable and professional audiobook services, making it a great option for authors who want to get their books in an audio format without breaking the bank.


By making their books available in audio format, authors can reach a wider audience, potentially increasing their book sales and profitability. Gnome Book Writing's audiobook service can help authors tap into this growing market and potentially increase their profits.

Qualified Experts

Gnome Book Writing has a team of qualified experts who have extensive experience in producing high-quality audiobooks. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that the audiobooks meet the industry's standards.

Authentic Research

Gnome Book Writing conducts thorough research to ensure the audiobook accurately reflects the book's message and tone. We pay attention to the details and work closely with authors to ensure the audiobook meets their expectations.

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Our clients have enjoyed success with books written by our professional book writers.

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I spent a year working on my manuscript and gave myself two years, but I realized…why wait? I got in touch with Gnome Book Writing and professional book writers there turned things around for me. I’ve enjoyed great success on by third book with Gnome. Highly recommended for people with great ideas who just can’t sit thru hours in front of their computer.

Kristi Hall

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My manuscript was ready and sitting on my table for the past two years… it was until I stumbled on Gnome. These guys helped me become an author and I am simply enjoying the run.

John E. McHenry

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I spent 10 years in the tech space and had a few not-so-great ideas to share with the world. Fortunately, I hired guys at Gnome who produced an outstanding book for me in the space of six months

Willow Richardson

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I wanted a several short story books for my children and nieces with a few drawings. I wanted to keep things simple and make it an enjoyable read for the children. After several measly attempts, I finally got in touch with Gnome Book Writing. Now the kids get to enjoy their favorite books!

Clementina Schuster

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I suffered thru a writers block for the past ten months. My manuscript didn’t seem to go anywhere. Eventually I resorted to pro writing services by gnome book writing and it just worked for me!

Malcolm Fleming


Here’s a list of frequently asked questions you might have about our book writing service

Gnome Book Writing offers the best audiobook services in the USA. Their team is highly skilled and experienced and can help improve your authorship in the literary world.

Custom audiobook services can cost you a little fortune. However, the prices vary based on your needs and budget.

It can help you expand your reach and connect with an audience who can't read.

Yes, it is. With greater reach, you will have a great conversion rate and generate more revenue.

Yes, audiobooks are legit and a great way to promote your book and reach a wider audience.

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